Books by Michael Krüger

THE EXECUTOR by Michael Krüger
Released: Feb. 1, 2008

"A bit intellectual and rarefied, much like Rudolf's work is reputed to be."
Well, a comedy of sorts—but more a tragicomedy of distrust and good intentions gone woefully wrong. Read full book review >
THE CELLO PLAYER by Michael Krüger
Released: Jan. 1, 2004

"Wonderful. Alert all who hunger for the stimulus of real intellectual entertainment."
From Krüger (Himmelfarb, 1993, etc.), prize-winning author in his native Germany, a seriocomic gem about a modern composer whose past—it seems—comes back to haunt him. Read full book review >
HIMMELFARB by Michael Krüger
Released: Oct. 1, 1994

"Still, KrÅger manages, without a trace of sentimentality, to show a dying man take inventory of a failed life."
In this artfully written German import, KrÅger (The Man in the Tower, 1993, etc.) turns a satiric eye on an 80-year-old man whose esteemed career has been built on a lie. Read full book review >
THE MAN IN THE TOWER by Michael Krüger
Released: March 15, 1993

"Elsewhere, it's all leaden meditation, jeremiad, and shadow-play."
A German painter of great critical and commercial renown is given a year's use of a tower in southwest France. Read full book review >
THE END OF THE NOVEL by Michael Krüger
Released: March 25, 1992

"Still, stiffly translated here, the book finally seems like an inkhorn shaggy-dog story—one thin note played for more than it's worth."
A man has been writing an oh-so significant novel for nine years, and now approaches the end of his task with the idea in mind of having his hero kill himself. Read full book review >