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LIFETIMES by David Rice
Released: April 1, 1997

Old age is relative, depending on one's life span; a mayfly whose lifetime lasts one day reaches geezerhood by the time the sun sets. Rice allows readers to compare Earth's residents by their life lines, from the short-lived mayfly to the 2,000-year- old sequoia tree. Included also are the time spans of the Earth, the sun, and the universe—cosmic references that dwarf human life spans. Every page includes brief information about the life form profiled set against a realistic, full-color painting. Notes at the bottom of each page—``Tell about It,'' Think about It,'' and ``Look it Up''—provide dogmatic suggestions for readers to follow for further information. More intrusive are rationales for each creature's existence, e.g., ``Army ants show us that if everyone works together, we can do almost anything.'' The author's attempt to show the relevance of every species in strictly human terms often leads to sentimental statements or morals (``Venus flytraps remind us that things are not always as good as they first seem to be'') and limit the otherwise provocative and useful facts about lifetimes. (Nonfiction. 5-12) Read full book review >