Books by Michael McClister

DOUBLE DEAL by Michael McClister
Released: Oct. 1, 2000

"Some rousing action scenes in McClister's second (Victim's Choice, 1999), but also a lot of what feels like marking time before the obligatory firefight at the end."
In God's Country, the indigenous zealots go around saying "88" to each other, but it has nothing to do with piano keys. Read full book review >
VICTIM'S CHOICE by Michael McClister
Released: July 30, 1999

"Except for an anticlimactic epilogue, McClister's debut is a scorcher that'll burn the tips off your fingers."
Devastated by the killings of his two children a year ago, TV news reporter Joe Colby is reduced to disguising himself in a wig and mustache and attacking strangers on the street so that he can get arrested and thrown into jail along with his target, Boogie Brown, whose jury hung (11—1) in favor of conviction. Read full book review >