Books by Michael Weaver

THE LIE by Michael Weaver
Released: March 6, 1997

"Far-fetched twaddle, in deadly earnest but notably lacking sympathetic characters, sophisticated dialogue, and suspense."
A labyrinthine and loopy sequel to the pseudonymous Weaver's Deceptions (1995): Here, a hunky young painter who freelances for the CIA in Europe falls deeply in love with the idealistic journalist responsible for the murder of his parents. Read full book review >
DECEPTIONS by Michael Weaver
Released: March 9, 1995

"If you can't find something to savor in this one, better forget how to read."
From Weaver (Impulse, 1993), an extraordinarily complicated and largely successful thriller so laceratingly tough that the ink it's printed with might as well be distilled testosterone. Read full book review >
IMPULSE by Michael Weaver
Released: July 2, 1993

"Gory, manipulative, perfectly paced vacation reading."
Rape, incest, serial murder, mutilation, and patricide disrupt the pleasant life of a popular Manhattan columnist and his wife—in a first novel from N.Y.C. writer Weaver. Read full book review >