Books by Michael Wimmer

STAYING NINE by Pam Conrad
Released: Oct. 30, 1988

As her tenth birthday approaches, Heather realizes that she is already at the perfect age and takes steps to stay there: reneging on an agreement with best friend Dorelle to dress as twins for the class picture, she wears the same clothes as last year (though she's so tall that she gets put in the back row for the first time), and next tries to cancel her birthday. On the scorned date, her parents give a party anyway—observing their own comfortable rituals, but with no presents. Though still piqued, Dorelle comes; then Uncle Lou's flamboyant girlfriend, Rosa Rita, not only makes up both girls' faces, just for fun, at Heather's request—but her example and sympathetic understanding help Heather realize that growing older doesn't have to change her more than she chooses to change, Briskly written, with interesting and believable characters. While there are no great insights here, this is enjoyable and easily read. Read full book review >