Books by Michelle Barbera

LANCE IN FRANCE by Ashley MacEachern
Released: June 1, 2008

Barbera's robust, hyper-bright, digitally rendered graphics nab the reader's attention in this uplifting encapsulation of Lance Armstrong's seven Tour de France victories. Each vibrant spread depicts Armstrong in a challenge he has had to endure in the race, but also adds such oddball delights as round, green aliens, frogs holding telescopes and dinosaurs. The race begins, text boasting that Armstrong is "…the bravest, strongest, toughest, and fastest bike rider ever." Armstrong encounters natural and man-made forces complicating the 21-day ride: He pedals through harsh rain, well-meaning but troublesome crowds, the stomach flu and cows in the road. Ever-pedaling, he never gives up. Trailing the story is a letter from Armstrong describing his dreams and advising, "Go for it and never quit." The story itself never mentions his battle with cancer, but the last page contains a short biography which briefly describes his struggle. A dynamic book that succeeds on many levels with a giddy warmth that is both inspirational and a great ride. (author's note, biographical note) (Picture book. 3-8)Read full book review >