Books by Mike Edison

Released: June 10, 2014

"A passionate call for 'responsible meat-eating' and what that means, as well as an explanation of the small steps required for accomplishing it."
A loosely organized, lively and challenging collection of observations, ideas, philosophical meanderings and ethical concerns related to the meat we put on our plates. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 8, 2011

"Brash and fun, but the biographical research yields few titillating surprises—not as consistently entertaining as the electric I Have Fun Everywhere I Go."
Veteran porn editor and novelist looks at the history of American girlie mags. Read full book review >
Released: May 22, 2008

"A beer-sozzled, speed-cranked nail bomb of a book—what everybody's Saturday night should be like."
Edison's juicy screed of a memoir is like a kick in the solar plexus: It may hurt like nobody's business, but at least it wakes you up. Read full book review >