Books by Mike Knowles

TIN MEN by Mike Knowles
Released: April 10, 2018

"A memorably coldhearted case that offers abundant evidence for the grim proposition that 'not every cop is dirty, but the good ones are.'"
Knowles takes a break from the chronicles of dead-eyed professional thief Wilson (Rocks Beat Paper, 2017, etc.) to shine a remorseless spotlight on three variously bent Canadian cops seeking justice for a fourth who's been gruesomely murdered. Read full book review >
ROCKS BEAT PAPER by Mike Knowles
Released: May 16, 2017

"Knowles builds for impact and speed. Even the ruthless hero's matter-of-fact reflections on his felonious craft ('The games we play are never fair and they never end clean. They just end') achieve a truly baleful economy."
The fifth recorded caper for the thief who, imitating Richard Stark's Parker, is known only as Wilson dangles a fortune in jewels in front of him and an ill-fated crew. Read full book review >