Books by Milton Viorst

ZIONISM by Milton Viorst
Released: May 31, 2016

"A well-written, balanced, and intriguing reference."
An examination of Zionism through its most influential proponents. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 15, 2002

"These apocalyptic disputes, born of religious extremism, are 'tearing apart our four-thousand-year-old civilization,' argues Viorst sadly, and most effectively."
From noted student of Mideast affairs and New Yorker correspondent Viorst (In the Shadow of the Prophet: The Struggle for the Soul of Islam, 1998, etc.), a charged warning that the greatest danger facing the state of Israel is the "causeless hatred" of internal disunity. Read full book review >
Released: May 1, 1998

"What Viorst calls his 'fondness for the Arabs' shows in his account of the guiding lights he finds shining in the shadow of the prophet; his book spreads the light a little further."
In search of the broad range of Muslim views on Islam and society in the Arab world today, the author interviews an impressive array of Middle Eastern politicians and intellectuals, and sets their views in context of the region's long past. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 22, 1994

"Inevitably only a snapshot of Arab society, but valuable, still, for bringing an informed, intelligent, and remarkably unbiased judgment to a timely subject."
A thoughtful, objective effort ``to convey a sense—perhaps a feel—for Arab society today'' by New Yorker staff writer Viorst (Sands of Sorrow, 1987, etc.). Read full book review >