Books by Miriam Grace Monfredo

CHILDREN OF CAIN by Miriam Grace Monfredo
Released: Sept. 3, 2002

"The Red Badge of Courage meets Gone With the Wind in the conclusion of Monfredo's Civil War trilogy (Brothers of Cain, 2001, etc.), as historical romance intermittently mists over her cool eye for historical reality."
Bronwen Llyr, niece of Glynis Tryon, the Seneca Falls librarian who banishes musty stereotypes of Monfredo's own profession, is a US Treasury agent, providing President Lincoln with some of the most valuable Civil War intelligence available. Read full book review >
BROTHERS OF CAIN by Miriam Grace Monfredo
Released: Sept. 4, 2001

"Its keen pace sweeps over a highly melodramatic villain—and an invitation to ponder the wisdom of risking a nation for a brother."
Shifting genres with the generations, this innovative mid-19th-century America series has spiraled from murder mysteries stalked by gender and ethnic tensions in western New York into espionage thrillers exploiting the opening gambits of the fratricidal Civil War. Read full book review >
MUST THE MAIDEN DIE by Miriam Grace Monfredo
Released: Sept. 1, 1999

Must The Maiden Die ($21.95; Sept.; 384 pp.; 0-425-16699-6): Echoes of Fort Sumter resound in far-off Seneca Falls, New York, where librarian Glynis Tryon is drafted into detective work for the fifth time (Through a Gold Eagle, 1996, etc.), now in hopes of vindicating Tamar Jager, a mute indentured servant, from the accusation of having murdered her employer, importer Roland Brant—a case that will take Glynis once more deep into the eternal questions of women's justice. Read full book review >
THE STALKING HORSE by Miriam Grace Monfredo
Released: March 1, 1998

"Besides, why should Allan Pinkerton, or James Bond, have all the fun of saving the sacred cause of freedom?"
Determined, it seems, to follow in the footsteps of her aunt, librarian/sleuth Glynis Tryon (Through a Gold Eagle, 1996, etc.), Bronwen Llyr has persuaded Allan Pinkerton to accept her as a detective-in-training. Read full book review >
THROUGH A GOLD EAGLE by Miriam Grace Monfredo
Released: July 1, 1996

"In the end, a trial of patience for the often intrigued but finally overwhelmed reader, who may fervently hope that less will be more in this talented writer's future outings."
It's 1859, and Glynis Tryon, librarian of Seneca Falls, New York, is going home after a year's absence helping to care for her dying sister. Read full book review >
BLACKWATER SPIRITS by Miriam Grace Monfredo
Released: Feb. 11, 1995

"More densely imagined, satisfying historical fare whose proto-feminist spin feels just right."
A woman physician is an exotic beast in 1857, and it's no wonder that the citizens of Seneca Falls, N.Y., don't all welcome Dr. Neva Cardoza with open arms. Read full book review >
NORTH STAR CONSPIRACY by Miriam Grace Monfredo
Released: Aug. 17, 1993

Unmarried (by choice) librarian Glynis Tryon (Seneca Falls Inheritance, 1992) learns firsthand of the iniquities of slavery when her boardinghouse landlady's son Niles returns to their western New York home with Kiri—a beautiful mulatto slave he helped escape from a Virginia plantation. Read full book review >
Released: April 7, 1992

"More romantic than rabid feminists might like, but a telling glimpse at Bloomers, childbirth, and abused wives of the mid-19th century."
Glynis Tryon, busily cataloguing the books that Friedrich Steicher bequeathed to the Seneca Falls library, politely refuses a stranger's request to handle the Steicher family Bible (included by mistake) and then directs the woman to the livery to hire a carriage; she's off to Waterloo in search of her mother's friend- -Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Read full book review >