Books by Moira Young

REBEL HEART by Moira Young
Released: Oct. 30, 2012

"Where Blood Red Road (2011) was fast-paced and chaotic, this meandering book just bogs down. (Post-apocalyptic adventure. 12 & up)"
Good post-apocalyptic fiction raises questions about humankind's capacity to learn from its mistakes, but this thinly-plotted second installment of the Dustlands trilogy is not up to the task. Read full book review >
BLOOD RED ROAD by Moira Young
Released: June 7, 2011

Born on Midwinter Day, Saba and her twin brother Lugh are opposites—she's dark, scrawny and cantankerous, while he exudes calm with his golden beauty—but that doesn't stop her from rising to the occasion when he needs her. 

Weeks before their 18th birthday, four rough horsemen ride into their isolated, desert homestead, killing their star-reading Pa and taking Lugh captive. Read full book review >