Books by Molly Hashimoto

A PRESENT FOR ROSE by Cooper Edens
Released: Nov. 1, 1993

A gently allegorical tale, based (as explained in an author's note) on two Japanese ideas: the philosophy, expressed in the folktale on which this poem-story is based, that each season is a gift containing the next; and the tradition that ``all heavenly bodies...were once presents, opening gifts we continue to create the universe.'' Rose's first present is adorned with a picture of a forest; when the little girl opens it on a wintry day, she finds herself within the forest, from which she sees another present, wrapped in a glowing spring garden. Opening each present leads to the world depicted on it—a mountain, a waterfall (which for some reason is upside down)- -where yet another present is found. The logic of the rest of the story, when Rose unwraps the sun, moon, and stars and tumbles backwards into autumn, isn't entirely clear; but the imagery is used effectively to create an intriguing, dreamlike adventure, whose events are imaginatively realized in sunny, nicely composed watercolors—a fine debut for Hashimoto. (Picture book. 4-8) Read full book review >