Books by Mort Drucker

Released: Sept. 30, 1994

Whitefish was a cozy little frontier burg, all because Sheriff Whitefish Will ruled the roost with a well-muscled, but gentle, hand. Just a look at Will's pecs sent outlaws running and rustlers screaming for the hills. Will did his job so well that crime took a holiday, and so did Will—a permanent one—when the parsimonious townsfolk figured he was no longer needed. Retiring to the desert, Will watched the years pass and learned to play the harmonica, much to the despair of the local coyotes. Meanwhile, back in Whitefish, Bart and his gang of horse rustlers come to the ripe-for-plucking town. They steal all the townspeople's horses, then their money, then their clothes. Finally, in an effort to get the citizens riled—they have met each demand so far with polite generosity—Bart threatens to burn the town. Pushed too far, the townsfolk recall Whitefish Will from obscurity to save the day. Yorinks (Christmas in July, 1991, etc.) is in this for the yuks and not ashamed of it, mainly because he pulls it off so well. Adding another spicy dimension are Drucker's Mad magazine characters, who—now almost 40 years old—seem like old friends. (Fiction/Picture book. All ages) Read full book review >