Books by N. Cameron Watson

Released: March 1, 1994

"Quiet, beautifully crafted, a book that glows with the simple pleasures afforded by the unexpected in an orderly world. (Young reader. 4-8)"
Unlike the weather, for which the forecast is often amusingly wrong in this pleasant early chapter book, the routines enjoyed by gray-haired Mrs. Weed and her cat Clover (``plump and proud'') and dog Pocket (``little and lighthearted'') are comfortably predictable—different seasons and times of day cause only small modifications in their ritual walks and snacks, while such happenings as a spring bouquet from Mrs. Weed's former students (now grown), or minor vicissitudes like a tree, blown down in a fall storm, blocking the front door, are momentary diversions. Read full book review >
MISTER TOAD by Clyde Watson
Released: Sept. 30, 1992

"Charming. (Young reader/Picture book. 5-8)"
T. Tamson Toad, whose comfortable home is pleasantly situated in a garden wall (``Though Mrs. Quimby did her share of the garden work, Mister Toad always called it his garden''), is troubled by his elderly neighbor's new cat—and by a queen bee who insists on moving in with her ``entourage.'' Resourcefully, he welcomes the bees and lets them bear the brunt of the cat's next visit—so that both leave him alone thereafter. Read full book review >