Books by Nancy Bartholomew

STRIP POKER by Nancy Bartholomew
Released: Nov. 19, 2001

"It's all in good fun, though you have to feel for Sierra's psychotic neighbor Raydean when she asks, 'You ever think you might have an attention-span problem?'"
Sierra Lavotini's craziest Christmas ever begins when her boss Vincent Gambuzzo loses the Tiffany Gentleman's Club to charter-boat captain Mike Riggs in a poker game. Read full book review >
FILM STRIP by Nancy Bartholomew
Released: Nov. 1, 2000

"The fun eventually wears as thin as her outerwear, but not before Bartholomew tosses a few Hiaasenesque absurdities into the audience."
When you work in pasties and a G-string and encourage the clients of the Tiffany Gentleman's Club to sidle up to the runway and tuck large-denomination bills into your garter, you have to expect that now and then matters will get out of hand. Read full book review >
DRAG STRIP by Nancy Bartholomew
Released: Oct. 1, 1999

What could be sleazier than Vincent Gambuzzo's Tiffany Gentleman's Club, where exotic dancer Sierra Lavotini holds on to her headliner status by devising such inventive numbers as a tribute to The Wizard of Oz, complete with red-sequined pasties and stiletto heels? Read full book review >
THE MIRACLE STRIP by Nancy Bartholomew
Released: Sept. 11, 1998

"Still, you've got to have a soft spot for an exotic dancer who centers herself by meditating before every performance—unless, of course, the routine is too alienating to validate her inner child."
Denise Curtis's dog Arlo may just look like a mutt to you, but somebody thinks he's worth $100,000—that's what the ransom note demands—and Denise is so intent on getting him back that she seems to agree. Read full book review >