Books by Nancy Evans Cooney

CHATTERBOX JAMIE by Nancy Evans Cooney
Released: May 1, 1993

Jamie is full of questions at home; but when he starts nursery school, he clams up—totally. The teacher asks what he'd like to do; other children offer to share; Jamie watches and listens, but is silent until Dad picks him up. Then, as usual, he chatters about his day. On the second day, he joins in—without a word; weeks later, he whispers his secret to his baby sister: ``I don't know why I can't talk at school.'' The baby is the key— when a classmate's tiny brother visits school, Jamie finally opens up: ``I have a baby, too!'' There's an aura of warm acceptance here, while Hafner details Jamie's family and his welcoming school in cheerful illustrations, depicting the preschoolers with humorous affection. A drama that many young ones will recognize as just their size. (Picture book. 3-6) Read full book review >
THE UMBRELLA DAY by Nancy Evans Cooney
Released: April 13, 1989

Still another book that, lacking a real story, uses a child's imaginative play as spring-board for an illustrator. Sent out into an idyllic hilltop landscape with an umbrella that she is reluctant to take, Missy is glad to open it when it rains. She then imagines the umbrella as a giant toadstool (under which she and her pets hold a tea party); a circus tent; and a boat that takes her out to sea and into a whirlpool that becomes a tunnel leading toward home. In her first picture book, Mathis illustrates these adventures in vibrant, glowing color; the sea and sky are especially nice. If children need models for imaginative play, this is acceptable. Read full book review >