Books by Nancy Livingston

QUIET MURDER by Nancy Livingston
Released: April 15, 1993

"Medium-grade Livingston."
In London's East End, the brutal murder, in his bleak apartment, of elderly loner Ernest Clare is engaging the energies of CID's Colin Cass and his superior officer Bramwell. Read full book review >
UNWILLINGLY TO VEGAS by Nancy Livingston
Released: Sept. 21, 1992

"Lighthearted, fast-moving, with some good-natured barbs at American mores and manners and an intricately embroidered plot convincing enough not to spoil the fun."
Shy, retired tax inspector G.D.H. Pringle and his buxom, down- to-earth companion Mavis Bignell (Death in Close-up, etc.) can't believe their luck when film director Enrico Dulce offers them a trip to the American West in return for Pringle's accounting services—handling the finances for a small group of actors Dulce is importing from England for a movie. Read full book review >
MAYHEM IN PARVA by Nancy Livingston
Released: Sept. 1, 1991

"Mavis (never as endearing as Pringle and the author find her) is in at the finish of a story that starts well but loses its way in a jumble of fussy overplotting."
Some surprises await retired tax inspector G.D.H. Pringle (Murder in Close-up, etc.) when he decides to explore his roots in the village of Wuffinge Parva, fueled by the vague notion of moving out of London with his down-to-earth mistress Mavis Bignell. Read full book review >
NEVER WERE SUCH TIMES by Nancy Livingston
Released: June 27, 1991

"In spite of an extravagance in coincidence and heavy underlining of Good and Evil, Livingston offers a convincing energetic appreciation of the times and the poisoning wells of poverty—which fuels reader affection for all suffering innocents."
Livingston returns to her concern for life among the lowly in turn-of-the-century Britain (The Far Side of the Hill, 1988; The Land of Our Dreams, 1989), again to plump for the primacy of simple virtues. Read full book review >
DEATH IN A DISTANT LAND by Nancy Livingston
Released: March 31, 1989

Here, the author's unlikely duo—quiet, retired widower G.D.H. Pringle and his buxom, lively companion Mavis Bignell (Incident at Parga, etc.)—are travelling across Australia on a trip paid for by Mavis big Derby win. Read full book review >