Books by Nancy Riecken

ANDREW'S OWN PLACE by Nancy Riecken
Released: Sept. 1, 1993

Since Andrew likes things predictable—his own place at the table, the same kind of oatmeal each day, a special toothbrush slot—he's apprehensive when his family goes for an early morning picnic. The woods are big and dark; a sandwich, even with oatmeal bread, is not his idea of breakfast; and he's especially anxious when Dad and his sisters go into a cave. Still, the experience is broadening: the sandwich isn't bad, and he does finally peer into the cave. As Daddy carries the tired boy back to the car, he confides, ``I like the woods. But now I want to go home.'' In her first children's book, Riecken captures Andrew's feelings with real sympathy; her rather long text is nicely reflected in Aubry's perceptive realistic watercolors. A quiet story that may well help build understanding of timid little homebodies like Andrew. (Picture book/Young reader. 3-8) Read full book review >