Books by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

After a fourteen year career in law enforcement, including affiliations with the Dallas Police Department, The New Mexico State police, the Ventura Police and the Ventura County Probation Department where she was a superior court investigator, Nancy Taylo

REVENGE OF INNOCENTS by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Released: May 1, 2007

"A thousand thrills, a dozen hairpin turns, more overripe suspects than you can shake a warrant at and a near-total lack of coherence once the dust has cleared."
Though Carolyn Sullivan has been promoted to division manager of the Ventura County Probation Department and is about to marry Mr. Right, her woes continue when a top investigator is killed. Read full book review >
SULLIVAN’S LAW by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Released: May 4, 2004

New series debut in which a probation officer's life turns out to be just as full of menace, romance, and violence as that of any Rosenberg cop or lawyer. Read full book review >
CONFLICT OF INTEREST by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Released: Feb. 6, 2002

"Despite the conventionally metaphoric title, there's no serious conflict of interest either on the surface of this glossy soap or beneath the emperor's clothes. Betrayed fans may feel that Breach of Contract is more like it."
This eighth and weakest of Rosenberg's legal suspensers (Buried Evidence, 2000, etc.) once more puts a female lawyer on the hot seat, but never turns up the heat. Read full book review >
BURIED EVIDENCE by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Released: Sept. 6, 2000

"Rosenberg pushes all the usual buttons, but despite some sharp anti-domestic scenes and some anguished soul-searching, there's nowhere for this old case to go the second time around, and that's where it ends up going."
Six years after she lashed out at the rapist who attacked her and her daughter, vaulting her author to the first of six bestselling suspensers (Mitigating Circumstances, 1992), Santa Barbara A.D.A. Lily Forrester is back. So is the rapist. Read full book review >
ABUSE OF POWER by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Released: March 3, 1997

"Written without the slightest subtlety or complexity, but at a barn-burning pace that practically guarantees big sales for an audience whose own problems will be dwarfed by Rachel's. (First printing of 200,000; Literary Guild selection)"
The heroine sports a police uniform instead of a lawyer's suit, but everything else is mayhem as usual in Rosenberg's latest dip into female legal paranoia (Trial by Fire, 1996; California Angel, 1995, etc.). Read full book review >
TRIAL BY FIRE by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Released: Jan. 8, 1996

A Dallas prosecutor finds herself on the other side of the aisle when she's arrested for the arson murder of her parents—in Rosenberg's latest lawyer-in-distress scenario. Read full book review >
CALIFORNIA ANGEL by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Released: Feb. 2, 1995

"Her loyal readers will likely jump ship. (Literary Guild featured alternate selection; author tour)"
Veering off the fast track of vigilante police thrillers, Rosenberg (Mitigating Circumstances, 1992, etc.) spins a cloying tale of supernatural do-gooding. Read full book review >
FIRST OFFENSE by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Released: Aug. 8, 1994

"Skip the book and wait to rent the movie on a very slow weekend. (Literary Guild main selection; author tour)"
A bestselling track record and some hot sex scenarios can't mask the fact that Rosenberg's latest legal-action thriller is a clunker. Read full book review >
INTEREST OF JUSTICE by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Released: Oct. 1, 1993

"Any writer who will pit a cripple against a maniac is a commercial force to be reckoned with—expect big interest in this smartly melodramatic crowd-pleaser. (Literary Guild Dual Selection for December; film rights to Citadel/HBO)"
High-gear legal-action thriller about a judge caught up in a child-porn scam gone rotten. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 6, 1993

A former cop's page-burning tale of a rape victim's vengeance that offers thrills and emotionalism aplenty—as well as the most cleverly calculated defense of vigilantism since Brian Garfield's Death Wish of 20 years ago. Read full book review >