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CALLIE’S RULES by Naomi Zucker
Released: Aug. 25, 2009

Middle school has lots of rules: Don't cross over to the "boys' side" of the cafeteria, don't eat lunch, dress like the popular kids, don't ride your bike to school. Callie also makes up a few of her own: "Monks have the right idea. If you never open your mouth, you get into a lot less trouble." When the mother of a popular girl launches a crusade in their small town to turn the local Halloween celebration into a vanilla-flavored "Autumn Fest," she launches an opposing effort that gets her into plenty of hot water but also makes a strong case for the value of freethinking. Although many of the characters are only sketchily drawn, Callie herself is both funny and resourceful. Worthwhile and entertaining. (Fiction. 9-13)Read full book review >