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Natasha Cooper, who was born in London, worked in publishing for ten years before leaving to write full time in 1986. Her first crime novel, Festering Lilies, was published in 1990, the year she joined the Crime Writers' Association. This year sees her ta

A POISONED MIND by Natasha Cooper
Released: June 24, 2008

"An intricate, literate entwining of a legal mystery with a complex character's muddled life."
A tormented teen and a tricky liability case add up to double trouble. Read full book review >
EVIL IS DONE by Natasha Cooper
Released: March 8, 2007

"A suspenseful, angst-ridden page-turner."
When a pregnant woman is badly beaten and dies, her husband is suspect. Read full book review >
GAGGED AND BOUND by Natasha Cooper
Released: Sept. 30, 2005

"Though portentous text messages ('B crful') and threats against Trish's young half-brother David don't supply much suspense, Cooper manages an aptly ironic ending that ties up the loose ends without oversimplifying the tough problems that endure."
While barrister Trish Maguire (Keep Me Alive, 2004, etc.) ponders a knotty libel case, her best friend, DI Caroline Lyalt, wonders whether she's about to commit slander herself. Read full book review >
KEEP ME ALIVE by Natasha Cooper
Released: Oct. 29, 2004

"The suspense will keep readers from looking too closely at the coincidences, but nothing will distract them from the disgusting way one loose end gets tied up. It's enough to make you a vegetarian."
Trish Maguire, barrister and staunch defender of the weak (A Place of Safety, 2003, etc.), wonders whether it's really better not to know how sausages get made. Read full book review >
A PLACE OF SAFETY by Natasha Cooper
Released: Sept. 29, 2003

"Cooper excels at depicting the effects of terror on the weak and the strong; happily, Trish (Out of the Dark, 2002) is one of the latter."
Three generations of old boys, their old crimes, old mothers, and absent fathers. Read full book review >
OUT OF THE DARK by Natasha Cooper
Released: Aug. 26, 2002

"A suspenseful, literate outing notable for its adept interweaving of three families, including Trish's own, marked by violence and courage."
Trish Maguire made her name as an advocate for children, practicing the British version of family law her entire career (Fault Lines, 2000). Read full book review >
PREY TO ALL by Natasha Cooper
Released: Dec. 1, 2000

"Like Trish's first case (Creeping Ivy, 1998): cool, literate, and just a bit twisty."
Trish Maguire's never had much to do with her dad, who abandoned her and her mum years ago and is now in the hospital fighting off the effects of a coronary. Read full book review >
FAULT LINES by Natasha Cooper
Released: April 1, 2000

"A few dull patches, but reasonably entertaining overall."
Kingsford attorney Trish Maguire (Creeping Ivy, 1999) is in shock, grieving over the death of her friend Kate Huggate, a social worker who sometimes helped Trish with juvenile court cases. Read full book review >
CREEPING IVY by Natasha Cooper
Released: Aug. 4, 1999

Creeping Ivy ($23.95; Aug. 4; 352 pp.; 0-312-20520-1): Something different from the author of the seven British cozies starring civil servant/novelist Willow King (Sour Grapes, 1998, etc.): a thriller asking whether, when Antonia Weblock's daughter Charlotte disappears from the playground, it was really such a good idea for Antonia to call her cousin Trish Maguire, a barrister specializing in child-abuse cases, for help. Read full book review >
SOUR GRAPES by Natasha Cooper
Released: Aug. 14, 1998

"Despite the lead detectives' tiresome mutual self-congratulation ('You are wonderful, Willow,' etc.), the marvelously edgy portrait of Lutterworth—by turns cringing, wheedling, apologizing, yet threatening—makes this the best of Cooper's seven books."
"I'm wholly disinterested. I just want to know what happened," says Emma Gnatche, and she just may be right. Read full book review >
THE DROWNING POOL by Natasha Cooper
Released: March 12, 1997

"For the Willow-smitten only."
Civil Servant/romance novelist Willow King checks into Dowting's Hospital just in time for the death of senior obstetrician Alexander Ringstead, who can't attend to Willow's postpartum hemorrhage because he's been drowned in his own birthing pool. Read full book review >
ROTTEN APPLES by Natasha Cooper
Released: July 13, 1995

"Compelling moments, but no flow."
London civil servant Willow King, who writes romances as Cressida Woodruffe, is savoring married life with longtime lover Chief Inspector Tom Worth (Bitter Herbs, 1994, etc.) when she's asked by George Profettthe newly appointed minister for Rights and Chartersto investigate the suicide of art historian Fiona Fydgett. Read full book review >
BITTER HERBS by Natasha Cooper
Released: April 1, 1994

"A substandard mystery mars Willow's least overbearing appearance to date."
Trouble ahead for civil servant Willow King (Bloody Roses, etc.): though she's loosened up enough to acknowledge that she's secretly been writing romance novels as Cressida Woodruffe, her proposal for a new Woodruffe is coolly received at Weston and Brown, and her lover, Chief Inspector Tom Worth, has cooled considerably too. Read full book review >
BLOODY ROSES by Natasha Cooper
Released: Jan. 13, 1993

"Flashes of genuine detection mar the otherwise untroubled sheen of fine dining, well-chosen wines, and tasteful furnishings, as Cooper confirms her status as the coziest of cozy Britishers now working the genre."
When London banker Richard Lawrence-Crescent is arrested for the murder of his colleague Sarah Allfarthing, he naturally uses his one call to phone his ex-lover, civil servant Willow King (A Common Death, Poison Flowers), on holiday in Tuscany with her current lover, Detective Inspector Tom Worth. Read full book review >
POISON FLOWERS by Natasha Cooper
Released: Jan. 1, 1992

"For like-minded readers."
Colorless, efficient civil servant Willow King, who moonlights as sybaritic romance-novelist Cressida Woodruffe (A Common Death, 1990), takes a fancy to solving a series of murders described to her by inamorata Inspector Tom Worth: poisonings by different vegetable toxins of four victims—a Fulham architect and his girlfriend; a schoolmistress retired to Newcastle; and an actress in Islington—who seem to have nothing in common. Read full book review >
A COMMON DEATH by Natasha Cooper
Released: Dec. 28, 1990

"Cooper, reportedly a best-selling author under another name, offers a mystery-tinged romance of objects, as well upholstered as Cressida's wonderful chair."
The murder of the minister of the Department of Old Age Pensions on Clapham Common disrupts the innocently romantic double life of DOAP Assistant Secretary for Finance. Read full book review >