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Released: Feb. 1, 2000

paper 0-517-88586-7 Berry and the other eight girls in the New Moon Books Girls Editorial Board, buoyed by some very supportive adults, are behind this lively and straightforward book that could be used for fun and profit by most readers. The book covers not only such requisite purchases as books, CDs, and other essential stuff, but larger notions, from household budgets to house mortgages. There's a chapter on how to get money, from babysitting and dog-walking to starting a business (actually executed by one of the girls); discussions of budgets, savings, and the stock market that are simple and accessible. The girls also state clearly, at the outset, the connection between having money and its attendant independence and power. They include interviews with women who have started their own businesses or who work for themselves. It's all terribly earnest but very well grounded, backed by charts, lists, boxes of text, and spot illustrations. Fresh and engaging. (bibliography, glossary) (Nonfiction. 8-14) Read full book review >