Books by Nichelle Nichols

SATURN'S CHILD by Nichelle Nichols
Released: Oct. 17, 1995

"Pleasant, despite some annoying bits of Trekkish twaddle (hard sf this isn't), but too cute, fluffy, and inoffensive to satisfy many readers outside Trekker circles."
Star Trek's Lieutenant Uhura, recipient of television's first interracial kiss and author of the memoir Beyond Uhura (1994), teams up with Bonanno (Otherwise, 1993, etc.) for this medium- future alien-contact yarn. Read full book review >
BEYOND UHURA by Nichelle Nichols
Released: Oct. 19, 1994

"But Trekkers will love the gossip. (40 b&w photos, not seen) (Author tour)"
One of the first black women to star in a television series (``Star Trek'') provides a valuable commentary on racism in the business, along with numerous sugarcoated stories about friends, fans, and family. Read full book review >