Books by Nicholas Christopher

Released: Jan. 7, 2014

"As Nicolò morphs from street kid to orphanage crasher to Europe's foremost solo clarinetist, abetted by a fascinating pair of magician brothers, engrossed readers should gladly ride the plot's twists and turns. (Fantasy. 12 & up)"
Accomplished poet and novelist Christopher delivers a debut for teens thickly woven with 18th-century Venetian intrigue and metaphysical magic. Read full book review >
TIGER RAG by Nicholas Christopher
Released: Jan. 1, 2013

"Red hot and cool."
The story of history's most enigmatic jazz trumpeter becomes a touchstone for a troubled doctor and her daughter. Read full book review >
THE BESTIARY by Nicholas Christopher
Released: July 3, 2007

"A literary thriller in which—unusually—neither 'literary' nor 'thriller' seems an afterthought."
Christopher's smart, entertaining fifth novel (Franklin Flyer, 2002, etc.) is a marvelous hybrid of intellectual quest and well-plotted adventure. Read full book review >
FRANKLIN FLYER by Nicholas Christopher
Released: April 2, 2002

"At one point we're informed that 'Franklin felt as if events—history itself—had been speeded up to a lunatic pace.' So will the reader."
Huge chunks of 20th-century history are handled with elliptical finesse in Christopher's fourth novel (following A Trip to the Stars, 2000): an episodic picaresque with bits and snatches reminiscent of Doctorow's Ragtime, Millhauser's Martin Dressler, Purdy's Malcolm, and Woody Allen's Zelig. Read full book review >
ATOMIC FIELD by Nicholas Christopher
Released: April 1, 2000

"Honest and powerful, this kind of writing cuts through complacency like a knife."
Christopher, a writer based in New York, is the author of six previous collections of poetry, three novels, and a study of film noir. Read full book review >
A TRIP TO THE STARS by Nicholas Christopher
Released: Feb. 8, 2000

"A healthy plot, serviceably told, with a few overheated insights."
A Trip To The Stars ($24.95; Feb. 8; 416 pp.; 0-385-31804-9): In a novel filled with occasionally breathtaking convergences between events, Christopher (Veronica, 1995, etc.) makes a think-yarn of the adventures of a small boy and his aunt after they are separated. Read full book review >
Released: March 12, 1997

"An encyclopedic and very readable appreciation that will probably send many readers hurrying to the video store."
Tough-talking 'tecs, femme fatales, hard-bitten loners, mystery, eros, danger: With rich ingredients like this, it's hard to go wrong, and Christopher certainly doesn't disappoint in this intelligent, thoroughgoing study of film noir. Read full book review >
VERONICA by Nicholas Christopher
Released: Jan. 12, 1996

"High-class, Victorian-style fantasy of the fourth dimension spoiled, unfortunately, by one-dimensional characters."
From an accomplished poet and second-novelist (The Soloist, 1986): a page-turning yarn about magic and time-travel set in modern Manhattan. Read full book review >