Books by Nick Harkaway

GNOMON by Nick Harkaway
Released: Jan. 11, 2018

"Fans of Pynchon and William Gibson alike will devour this smart, expertly written bit of literary subversion."
Beguiling, multilayered, sprawling novel that blends elements of Philip K. Dick-tinged sci-fi, mystery, politics, and literary fiction in a most satisfying brew. Read full book review >
TIGERMAN by Nick Harkaway
Released: July 29, 2014

"A hoot and a half, and then some: hands down, the best island farce since Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle half a century ago."
Imagine Superman in Grand Fenwick and you'll have some idea of Harkaway's (Angelmaker, 2012, etc.) brilliantly imagined latest romp. Read full book review >
ANGELMAKER by Nick Harkaway
Released: March 20, 2012

"A touch early in the season for a beach book, though just the kind of thing to laugh at away from polite society. Top-notch."
A bang comes at the door, and with it an offer that one shouldn't refuse but must. Thus begins Brit novelist Harkaway's (The Gone-Away World, 2008) latest stuffed-to-the-rafters romp through genres and eras. Read full book review >
THE GONE-AWAY WORLD by Nick Harkaway
Released: Sept. 4, 2008

"Harkaway displays talent with his big, butch, bravura first book, if not yet the ability to distinguish the wood from the trees."
Fantasy meets apocalypse meets allegory meets bildungsroman in an exuberant, bulging first novel by John le Carré's son. Read full book review >