Books by Nicole Rutten

NOT YET, ROSE by Susanna Leonard Hill
Released: Aug. 1, 2009

Hill beautifully portrays the seesawing emotions a young mouse feels in the transition time before becoming a big sister. Rose just cannot wait for her mother to have her baby. On Monday, Rose wants a sister, with whom she can do all her favorite things…but she worries that perhaps a sister would be too much like her. On Tuesday, Rose would rather have a brother, who would be different. On Wednesday she doesn't want a baby at all. Her mother's talk of being the big sister does not change her mind. Thursday's discussion with her father clarifies for Rose what babies do, but she still isn't sure she wants one. And on Friday her baby brother is born. As Rose holds him in her arms, all her fears and worries evaporate in the wonderfulness that is a new baby. Rutten's watercolor-and-pencil artwork sweetly portrays the bundle of conflicting feelings that is Rose. Her expressive face and body language make her every emotion plain. Brightly colored pictures contrast with the blue-toned illustrations that represent Rose's imaginings. A solid addition to the new-baby shelf. (Picture book. 3-7)Read full book review >