Books by Nicole Wallace

MADAM PRESIDENT by Nicole Wallace
Released: April 28, 2015

"The balance is off here, Wallace's comic gifts wasted. What felt frothy and fun in the first books turn leaden when a national tragedy is less important than who slept with or back-stabbed whom."
In this sequel to Eighteen Acres (2010) and It's Classified (2011), her political romps about America's fictional first woman president, political insider and The View co-host Wallace goes darker but not deeper, centering her story on the White House reaction to a major terrorist attack on American soil.Read full book review >
EIGHTEEN ACRES by Nicole Wallace
Released: Oct. 19, 2010

"No serious insight into how governing works, but an enjoyably gossipy dishing of Inside-the-Beltway residents of all persuasions."
Given Wallace's previous gigs as G.W. Bush's communications director and an advisor to the McCain-Palin ticket, it is impossible to read her first novel about the tribulations of the country's first woman president without trying to glean factual nuggets from the often-transparent fiction. Read full book review >