Books by Nigel McCrery

Released: Sept. 1, 2014

"While certain technical portions may be difficult for some readers, true-crime enthusiasts will find the payoff worth the effort."
The history of one of the foundational elements of entertainment media today—forensic evidence—and how it is that we make sense of it. Read full book review >
TOOTH AND CLAW by Nigel McCrery
Released: Feb. 16, 2010

"Prolific McCrery's second Lapslie thriller (Still Waters, 2008), less whodunit than police procedural and psychological study, is eerie, absorbing and elegantly written."
A British police detective faces his most dangerous case while haunted by personal demons and under siege at work. Read full book review >
STILL WATERS by Nigel McCrery
Released: July 22, 2008

"Alternate chapters are written from the viewpoint of the murderer, leaving no doubt who's guilty. But Lapslie's quest and the mystery behind it are reason enough to make this chiller from McCrery (Silent Witness, 1998, etc.) a must read."
Deputy Chief Inspector Mark Lapslie is called back from the medical leave he's been granted as he struggles to cope with his synaesthesia to handle a case of serial poisoning and identity theft. Read full book review >
Released: June 17, 1998

"Just what you'd expect if somebody whittled Patricia Cornwell down to TV scale alongside A&E's Cracker episodes—where alert American viewers will already have caught this first installment of Sam's adventures."
Samantha Ryan doesn't take proper care of her ailing mother—at least that's what her put-upon sister thinks—and she's forever losing her housekeys. But when she puts on her lab coat and changes into Dr. Ryan, the Home Office pathologist, she becomes the best hope for solving a pair of ritual killings in Cambridge's fen country. Read full book review >