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Wet Bliss

BY Niki Stone • POSTED ON Nov. 5, 2014

An erotic short story collection full of fantasies from the tame to the taboo. 

In “Golf,” Derek doesn’t know what he’s getting into when he winds up playing a round of the titular sport with two very attractive strangers, but he’s more than pleased with the result. Erin, a flight attendant, finds herself attracted to a handsome Air Force captain on her flight and winds up having an unexpected rendezvous with him in the bathroom in “Clouds”; and in “The Salon,” Alex doesn’t expect his hair appointment to wind up with him attending a sex toy bridal shower with his stylist. Other stories explore bondage situations, a surprise nontraditional massage, and a chance encounter in a gym locker room that leads to group sex. Each of these 12 stories provides a quick payoff before briskly moving along to the next one. But although Stone’s tales may get the job done, they’re so abbreviated that even the minimal logic required of short-form erotica seems lacking: Erin and her paramour, for instance, declare their love for each other within what seems like just a few minutes of meeting. Slightly more context might have made these stories more effective. A more nuanced approach to gender would have been helpful, as male characters often think and talk about women callously; for example, one man advises another about how to treat his girlfriend: “Just tell her she won’t get the other present you bought for her if she won’t wear the bikini.” The prose also leaves something to be desired; for instance, there are better ways to describe female anatomy than “the creamy mounds of her perfectly shaped breasts.” That said, readers looking for a quick thrill may find that Stone’s collection does the trick.

A sometimes-clumsy but often effective debut compilation of steamy stories.

Pub Date: Nov. 5, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-5008-1359-8

Page count: 102pp

Publisher: CreateSpace

Review Posted Online: Nov. 27, 2015