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Nora Roberts is the number-one New York Times-bestselling author of one hundred and sixty novels. There are more than 250 million copies of her books in print, and she has had more than one hundred New York Times bestsellers.

Released: Nov. 26, 2019

"Brilliant and inspiring."
In the conclusion to Roberts' Chronicles of The One, Fallon Swift and her army vanquish violent, fearmongering leaders, but in order to reintroduce light to the world, she and her two closest magickal allies must face the darkness and their most dangerous foe back where the Doom began. Read full book review >
UNDER CURRENTS by Nora Roberts
Released: July 9, 2019

"Another success for the publishing phenom."
An abused boy fights back, escapes, then returns as an attorney to his beloved hometown, but just as he's falling in love with a transplanted landscaper, a series of attacks from shadowy enemies jeopardizes their happiness. Read full book review >
OF BLOOD AND BONE by Nora Roberts
Released: Dec. 4, 2018

"This installment feels a bit like a rest between the trauma of The Doom and the war to come except for an explosive end battle; however, meeting the next generation and watching the heroine grow into her powers and leadership is enthralling."
In this sequel to Roberts' apocalyptic Year One (2017), the world settles into its new normal after The Doom. The girl who will be The One reaches her 13th birthday, makes the choice to train with her magical mentor, and steps into her many gifts, then must find allies to prepare for the war to come. Read full book review >
SHELTER IN PLACE by Nora Roberts
Released: May 29, 2018

"Roberts' newest is part thriller, part romance, part survivors' psychological study with a touch of New Age magic—and a lively, captivating read."
The victims of a mass shooting—including two young heroes from the tragedy—are moving forward in their lives, affected in different ways, when they're stunned to discover a serial killer is targeting survivors. Read full book review >
YEAR ONE by Nora Roberts
Released: Dec. 5, 2017

"A fast-paced, mesmerizing, and thought-provoking novel that will no doubt add to Roberts' legions of fans."
When the world as they know it ends, the survivors of a mysterious plague are faced with a new world in which both dark and light magic are rising. Read full book review >
COME SUNDOWN by Nora Roberts
Released: June 6, 2017

"With her past couple of titles, Roberts (as opposed to her typically grittier moniker, J.D. Robb) is moving into more complex and darker storytelling, to terrific effect."
Bodine Longbow runs her family's Montana resort with an unfailing can-do attitude, but nothing can prepare her or the family for the return of her long-lost—and brutalized—aunt or an unexpected rash of violence in the area. Read full book review >
THE OBSESSION by Nora Roberts
Released: April 12, 2016

"A little uneven and with an abundance of detail that occasionally slows the pace, this is still an appealing story from a romantic-suspense favorite."
Nearly 20 years after bringing her serial-killer father to justice, a photographer begins to settle into a new life only to discover that a murderous stalker is after her—and may have been collecting his own victims along the way. Read full book review >
DARK WITCH by Nora Roberts
Released: Oct. 29, 2013

"Magical, romantic, compelling and appealing—Roberts at her best."
Seven hundred fifty years after an evil sorcerer attacks the Dark Witch Sorcha and leaves her children orphans, he comes back, and her descendants must depend on magic, friendship and love to repel him. Read full book review >
WHISKEY BEACH by Nora Roberts
Released: April 16, 2013

"A sweet, sexy romance with an intriguing historical family mystery that bleeds into a modern-day crime spree, casting suspicion on an innocent man."
A year after his wife was murdered, Eli Landon is leaving Boston for a fresh start in his family's coastal ancestral home, possibly with Abra, the beautiful housekeeper he meets there who is determined to help him clear his name and reclaim his life. Read full book review >
THE WITNESS by Nora Roberts
Released: April 17, 2012

"A promising start to a series, provided Roberts can flesh out her derivative heroine."
A young woman in hiding from the Russian mob faces a difficult decision when she falls in love with a cop. Read full book review >
THE NEXT ALWAYS by Nora Roberts
Released: Nov. 1, 2011

"An effective infomercial—and guest-room sleep-aid—for Inn BoonsBoro."
In Roberts' new series launch, the conversion of a tumbledown Maryland hotel into a boutique country inn fails to expel an extremely shy resident ghost. Read full book review >
CHASING FIRE by Nora Roberts
Released: April 1, 2011

"Popular, prolific Roberts (The Search, 2010, etc.) delivers hair-raising smoke-jumping sequences along with the obligatory thrills, sex and a mystery even the greenest armchair sleuths will be able to solve."
A smoke jumper who puts her life on the line every fire season has more to fear this year than fire. Read full book review >
THE SEARCH by Nora Roberts
Released: July 7, 2010

"A little slower-paced than the typical Roberts romantic mystery (Black Hills, 2009, etc.) but every bit as steamy. It may well add dog lovers to her legion of fans."
A dog trainer and a wood craftsman dance around love and danger in the Pacific Northwest. Read full book review >
HIGH NOON by Nora Roberts
Released: July 10, 2007

"Nerve-wracking suspense leavened with romance and spiced with sex: another hit for the prolific Roberts (Blue Smoke, 2005, etc.)."
Murder mixes with anguish in steamy Savannah. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 20, 2007

"Roarke and Eve remain an appealing pair, and Eve's flashes of vulnerability contrast nicely with her no-nonsense approach to work. Occasionally, though, Robb's New-York-in-2060 gimmick draws undue attention to itself."
Future cop Eve Dallas (Born in Death, Nov. 2006, etc.) returns to investigate the murder of a popular history teacher and deal with an unexpected threat to her marriage. Read full book review >
BORN IN DEATH by Nora Roberts
Released: Nov. 7, 2006

"Sex, childbirth, cyborg servants, a dollop of fast-moving mystery and a fraud so complex that Eve will need Roarke to get to the bottom of it. The biggest pleasure, though, is watching Eve, an obvious charm-school dropout, get in suspects' faces."
Futuristic detective Lt. Eve Dallas (Memory in Death, Jan. 2006, etc.) won't have to face the worst fate imaginable—coaching her old friend Mavis Freestone through childbirth—till she's wrapped up a pair of less harrowing cases. Read full book review >
MEMORY IN DEATH by Nora Roberts
Released: Jan. 4, 2006

"Middling for this venerable, well-regarded series."
Just what Lt. Eve Dallas needed to make Christmas in the 2050s complete: a visit from the wicked witch who made her life hell when she was in foster care. Read full book review >
BLUE SMOKE by Nora Roberts
Released: Oct. 4, 2005

"Roberts does it again with this fast-paced romantic mystery that's both steamy and thrilling, despite its somewhat obvious nature."
Beautiful Italian babe with a passion for fire and doomed hunks joins the arson squad and discovers that someone has held a torch for her since she was a child. Read full book review >
ORIGIN IN DEATH by Nora Roberts
Released: Aug. 9, 2005

"While other series of this duration seem to be running out of gas, this one is just hitting its stride."
Who killed the beloved old plastic surgeon, and why is Eve Dallas so skeptical of the good doctor's sterling reputation? Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 27, 2005

"Tough-talking thriller with a matchless pace."
One witness, two killers, five murders. Eve Dallas investigates. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 4, 2004

"Romance will never die as long as the megaselling Roberts keeps writing it."
Jack London, move over. The Queen of Romance has you in her sights. Read full book review >
REMEMBER WHEN by Nora Roberts
Released: Sept. 1, 2003

"A smoothly written contemporary caper paired with a murder mystery and a little meet-the-Jetsons futurism. No one does Suspense Lite better than Nora."
Written under her real name and her pseudonym, two books in one from megaselling Roberts/Robb. Read full book review >
MIDNIGHT BAYOU by Nora Roberts
Released: Oct. 1, 2001

"Agreeably credible lovers and a neat piece of home-restoration compensate some for the hokey hauntings on the bayou. Loyal fans will enjoy."
A gumbo seasoned with ghosts, love, and murder on the bayou. Read full book review >
THE VILLA by Nora Roberts
Released: March 19, 2001

"A smooth blend of suspense and romance. As ever, the author's trademark effortless style keeps a complex plot moving without a hitch."
Megaselling Roberts (River's End, 1999, etc.) goes to Napa Valley for the tale of an Italian-American family wine producers rocked by scandal and a series of murders. Read full book review >
RIVER'S END by Nora Roberts
Released: March 1, 1999

Though Roberts (The Reef, 1998, etc.) never writes badly, her newest mystery romance is more inconsistent than most. Little Olivia MacBride, daughter of two golden Hollywood superstars, wakes up one night to see her coked-up father holding her mother's bloody body, a scissors in his hand. After her dad is led off to prison, Liv is sent to live with her grandparents, who run a successful lodge in the Olympic rain forest on the Washington coast—a location far across the continent from the Maryland shores of Roberts's Quinn trilogy, but one that allows her to explore another place of life-giving scenic wonder. And when Liv grows up and becomes a naturalist/guide, she gets to take us on lots of eye-dazzling tours. Into her sheltered paradise comes Noah Brady, the son of the police detective who arrested Liv's father and has been her friend since childhood. Noah has grown up to be a bestselling true-crime writer, and, against Liv's will, he wants to write his next book about the MacBride murder case. (Liv's dad, about to be released from San Quentin, is dying of brain cancer.) Though Liv fights her attraction to Noah, he's a persistent boy, and on an extended and very sexy camping trip, the two become lovers. Meanwhile, the real murderer, whose identity will probably be obvious to most readers, leaves his own trail of violence up to Washington and a final prime-evil shoot-out. Added to Roberts's poorly drawn mystery and her interlude of swell lusty love is her usual theme of how wounded children and inner children are healed and nurtured by good nuclear families. If the conventional wisdom is true, that romance readers never tire of reruns of the same old same old, then Roberts won't have disappointed them. Read full book review >
THE REEF by Nora Roberts
Released: Oct. 1, 1998

With her happy balance of love, sex, and the supernatural, Roberts has become the fairy godmother of escapists and the queen of formula romance. Leaving the "Jones curse" of last spring's Homeport, Roberts dives now into Anguelique's Curse and the life of another ambitious career girl. It seems that Anguelique Maunoir was a 16-year-old healer who in 1533 was burned for witchcraft, but not before putting her double-whammy on the gold and bejeweled amulet her lover gave her before his own death. Now, Matthew Lassiter and his family of salvage divers have known nothing but bad luck since starting their search for the necklace. Matthew's father was murdered by Silas VanDyke, another of this author's sadly two-dimensional villains, while his uncle Buck lost a leg to a shark. Matthew, though, still hits pay dirt when he and Buck team up with Tate Beaumont and her loving parents to dive for a 16th-century Spanish ship off the coast of Nevis and St. Kitts. Young Tate is the logical, reasonable one of this pair of lovers, studying to become a marine archaeologist and dreaming of one day having her own museum; Matthew, on the other hand, is the stormy one who's had a tougher row to hoe and now loves Tate's mother's home-cooked dinners. Yet, true to the familiar type of honorable ravishers and responsible rogues, he gives Tate up rather than see her drop out of school to follow a lowlife diver like himself. Eight years later, when no one seems particularly happy, the Beaumonts and Lassiters reunite to search for Anguelique's Curse: Tate hopes to establish her professional credentials, Matthew to avenge his father's death. After lots of salty sea and sex, as well as a short course in treasure hunting and marine salvage, the lovers will discover (no surprise) that their fortune is in each other. Clunky denouement aside, Roberts's legion of fans will swarm to this. Read full book review >
HOMEPORT by Nora Roberts
Released: March 23, 1998

To her usual mix of love, mystery, and passion, Roberts (Sanctuary, 1997, etc.)—author of 115 romancers in some 17 years—adds Renaissance art and a decidedly Medici-like family: the Joneses of Maine. Dr. Miranda Jones, nearly six feet with flaming red hair and a glacial reserve, is an archeometrist who specializes in the analyzing and dating of Renaissance bronze sculpture. Miranda hopes to secure a world-class reputation for herself by authenticating a 15th-century statue of the Dark Lady, one of the mistresses of Lorenzo the Magnificent, as the undiscovered work of a young Michelangelo. Miranda's mother, Dr. Elizabeth Standford-Jones, the emotionally remote director of the Standjo art lab in Florence, has summoned her daughter from the family's Victorian cliffside home in Jones Point, Maine, to test the statue. Meanwhile, Miranda's father, equally remote, is an archaeologist who spends more time at his digs than at home. In fact, no one in the Jones family has made a successful run at marriage, a failure that Miranda and her alcoholic brother Andrew call the Jones curse. As for the statue, when it's discovered to be a fake, Miranda sets out to prove that someone stole the original. In this she's helped by gorgeous art thief Ryan Boldari (half-Italian, half-Irish), who's come to Jones Point to steal yet another bronze, which also turns out to be a forgery. Ryan's plan had been to use Miranda as a pawn, but now, naturally, he finds himself falling hard for her. While the two search for bronzes, a standard-issue romance-novel psychotic is stalking them. Most readers will twig to the killer's identity: Here, as always, Roberts's sexual tension is more compelling than her suspense. Perhaps it's time to take a sabbatical from the pink sweatshop and turn her considerable wit and narrative skills to a more original piece of work. Read full book review >
SANCTUARY by Nora Roberts
Released: March 17, 1997

Roberts is the perfect perpetual-romance machine. She churns out an almost inhuman number each year; she meets an annual March deadline for her hardcovers (this one even has the same number of pages as last year's bestselling Montana Sky). And each is lively, sexy, and well researched. Her latest concerns three siblings (the Hathaways) who find lovers and strained relationships while a homicidal madman is threatening their safety. The three live in a beautiful white gothic on the Georgia Sea Island of Lost Desire, which they've turned into an inn. Brian, the eldest—tall, cute, and morose—runs the establishment and is chef of its five-star kitchen. (His father Sam can't understand how a man can enjoy creating a perfect meringue and still prefer women for sex.) Brian fights halfheartedly against the amorous advances of Kirby, the pretty Yankee doctor who runs the island's clinic; the two eventually end up locked in an embrace against her refrigerator door. Meanwhile, the youngest sib, Alexa Hathaway—sexy Lexy, the island princess with the gypsy hair—has failed at acting in New York and come home to waitress and throw a few tantrums. She fights halfheartedly against the honorable intentions of childhood buddy Gift Verdon, who's good with his hands and doesn't let her get away with much. Finally, there is Jo Ellen, a world-famous photographer who's returned to Desire after a nervous breakdown and is fighting a losing battle against empathic architect Nathan Delaney. Twenty years earlier, the Hathaways' mother, Annabelle, had disappeared, abandoning her family—or so it seemed. Now someone is stalking the family, having even sent Jo Ellen a picture of her mother, dead and naked. As usual, the romance is better than the weird violence. There's not much suspense here, but it's good to see that heroines are becoming gutsier and heroes better in the kitchen. Read full book review >
MONTANA SKY by Nora Roberts
Released: March 12, 1996

Three bridegrooms for three sisters: Roberts (True Betrayals, 1995, etc.) stylishly moseys into Big Sky romance. Jack Mercy was a mean son of a bitch when he was alive, and as a corpse, buried with his Stetson and his bullwhip, he's not much better. According to his will, his three daughters, who've never met and whom Jack had by three different wives, must live together for a year at his big Montana ranch house in order to win their inheritance. During the long winter, the women bicker and bond and get entangled with three sexy, strapping fellows. Roberts has always been a winner at sexual tension and sexy dialogue, and so the reader gets to see not one but three couples get past the preliminaries and into the sack. The youngest sister, cowgirl Willa, manager of the Mercy ranch and daughter of an Ute mother, matches wits and strong wills with Ben McKinnon, lusty part owner of the Three Rocks spread. Lily, from Virginia, is a delicate, bird-boned creature who's been battered by her husband, but is now taken under the wing of Adam Wolfchild, Willa's Indian half-brother. And, finally, Tess, a sharp-dressing, wisecracking screenwriter from Hollywood who couldn't wait to get back to Rodeo Drive, stays to marry Nate, a frontier lawyer who raises horses, graduated from Yale, and loves Keats. Providing the usual Roberts suspense is a serial killer who guts and scalps his victims—not only humans but (in the newest romance-novel manifestation of evil) calves, cats, skunks and deer. (Why would anyone do that to Bambi's mom? wails Tess.) Roberts also includes a genuine, successful red herring, virgin territory for most romance writers, and incorporates all the important rituals of the genre with her customary skill and humor. A good read on a long winter's night. Read full book review >
TRUE BETRAYALS by Nora Roberts
Released: June 13, 1995

Thoroughbreds and Virginia blue-bloods cavort, commit murder, and fall in love in Roberts's (Hidden Riches, 1994, etc.) latest romantic thriller — this one set in the world of championship horse racing. Rich, sheltered Kelsey Byden is recovering from a recent divorce when she receives a letter from her mother, Naomi, a woman she has believed dead for over 20 years. When Kelsey confronts her genteel English professor father, though, he sheepishly confesses that, no, her mother isn't dead; throughout Kelsey's childhood, she was doing time for the murder of her lover. Kelsey meets with Naomi and not only finds her quite charming, but the owner of Three Willows, one of the most splendid horse farms in Virginia. Kelsey is further intrigued when she meets Gabe Slater, a blue-eyed gambling man who owns a neighboring horse farm; when one of Gabe's horses is mated with Naomi's, nostrils flare, flanks quiver, and the romance is on. Since both Naomi and Gabe have horses entered in the Kentucky Derby, Kelsey is soon swept into the whirlwind of the Triple Crown, in spite of her family's objections to her reconciliation with the notorious Naomi. The rivalry between the two horse farms remains friendly, but other competitors — one of them is Gabe's father, a vicious alcoholic who resents his son's success — prove less scrupulous. Bodies, horse and human, start piling up, just as Kelsey decides to investigate the murky details of her mother's crime. Is it possible she was framed? The ground is thick with no-goods, including haughty patricians, disgruntled grooms, and jockeys with tragic pasts, but despite all the distractions, the identity of the true culprit behind the mayhem — past and present — remains fairly obvious. The plot lopes rather than races to the finish. Gambling metaphors abound, and sexual doings have a distinctly equine tone. But Roberts's style has a fresh, contemporary snap that gets the story past its own worst excesses. Read full book review >
HIDDEN RICHES by Nora Roberts
Released: July 13, 1994

Roberts (Private Scandals, 1993) keeps us sensuously engrossed in a suspenseful romance that moves smoothly between the harsh world of high-stakes crime and the zaniness of theater, antiques, and bric-a-brac. Jedidiah Skimmerhorn, a prematurely retired police captain, has moved into an apartment above an antiques shop owned by Isadora Conroy. Jed has money, social position, and power, but he is wary of love and burdened by guilt for the death of his sister Elaine, who was killed by a car bomb intended for him. Dora is small, tough, and beautiful, with an impeccable sense of style. She was raised in a family of actors who lived the romances they played on the stage. Jed's world of minks and diamonds, heirlooms and fat portfolios is contrasted with the noise, the smells and the freedom of being in the center of things that characterize Dora's life. Jed and Dora's physical proximity and inevitable chance encounters lead to comic intimacy and a quick repartee that thinly masks sexual attraction. When a lot of smuggled antiques is accidentally shipped to a country auction house, Dora unwittingly becomes owner of priceless antiquities and an original Monet concealed under a superficially rendered abstract painting. She and Jed team up to follow the path of collectible objects d'art and murders to an obsessive collector and ruthless killer. The suspense relies not in discovering whodunit — the murders are violently obvious — but in the inevitable confrontation between Jed and Dora, our detective team, and the culprit. Jed and Dora's romance is as fast-paced as the plot. The refreshingly contemporary style of their courtship, romance sparked with funny dialogue, makes this book a good choice for light summer reading. Read full book review >
Released: July 1, 1993

A scheming rival and an obsessive fan convince a TV star that she's a long way from Kansas—in more sudsy romantic suspense from Roberts (Honest Illusions, 1992). Deanna Reynolds and Angela Perkins are both smart, talented, attractive, and ambitious. The big difference between the two talk- show hosts is that Angela is an attention-hungry woman desperate to maintain her fading charms and worshipful audience at all costs, while Dee maintains her Midwestern values even as her Chicago-based show makes her a star and threatens Angela's in New York. Angela, who was once Dee's mentor, has never forgiven the younger woman for turning down her offer to come to New York with her. Even less forgivable is Dee's romance with Finn Riley, a footloose foreign correspondent and once Angela's lover. Finn, who coolly calls in exclusives from a crash-landing 747, shrugs off a bullet wound while he broadcasts live during a shootout, and indisputably earns the nickname "Desert Hunk" during the Gulf War, finds his match in the unbelievably beautiful, desirable, and sweet Deanna. While the two make seismic love on any available surface and Angela plots Dee's downfall in the ratings, a secret admirer (whose identity is more obvious than the author must have intended) writes her love notes. Then, one by one, he begins to kill off all the people who have hurt or betrayed her—and attempts to realize his insane dream of making Deanna entirely his own. A sexy hero whose no-nonsense presence cuts through the vapors and cattiness of the womenfolk and a convincing behind-the-scenes look at TV—both help make up for the weak humor, implausible plot, and trite glitz of this predictable novel. Read full book review >
Released: July 17, 1992

Suspenseful, glamorous story of love, blackmail, and magic, set in New Orleans and Washington, D.C., about a family of high-class magicians practicing the time-honored profession of thievery. When magician Maxmillian Nouvelle adopts the 12-year-old runaway Luke Callahan, he gives him more than a family: He teaches him the secrets of blending what's real and what's people what they want—and also taking what they value. For the Great Nouvelle is a master jewel-thief; stealing from the undeserving rich warms his blood like the anticipation of good sex, a passion that both Luke and Max's bratty daughter Raxanne eventually share. Thirteen years pass: As Luke practices the fine arts of larceny and escapology, Roxanne grows into a flame-haired witch who turns bell, book, and candle into smoke onstage. Offstage, she trades in her David Cassidy poster for Luke; together, they set off sparks that could make an innocent bystander..go up in flames. But Luke's invincibility, like the Great Houdini's, is deceptive: Slimy Sam Wyatt—a former grifter now running for the Senate—slithers in from Luke's past, his frigid heart full of contempt for the family he once tried to seam. He threatens to frame Luke for murder and expose the Nouvelles' after-hours show unless he disappears. Five years later, a homesick Luke reappears, determined to show the disillusioned Roxanne that he's more than smoke and mirrors. Together, they set out to plot vengeance, staking everything on their most daring sting to date. True to the magician's oath, Roberts reveals no secrets, but the illusion works—in a compelling and detail-rich first hardcover. Good escape reading. Read full book review >