Books by Norma Lorre Goodrich

Released: Aug. 4, 1993

"Occasional flowers among the weeds; overall, a misuse of a great intelligence."
A prolific and erudite collector and interpreter of ancient and medieval myths (The Holy Grail, 1992; Guinevere, 1991, etc.) Read full book review >
THE HOLY GRAIL by Norma Lorre Goodrich
Released: June 17, 1992

"A reading adventure. (Ten line drawings.)"
Exploring 2000 years of Christian, Hebraic, Celtic, and academic lore, Goodrich brings to her own quest for the Grail that same successful combination of learning, common sense, energy, and romance that distinguished her Guinevere (1991) and Merlin (1987). Read full book review >
GUINEVERE by Norma Lorre Goodrich
Released: June 5, 1991

"Still, fascinating reading, great detective work, and of considerable interest in the history of feminism. (Fifteen b&w photographs and drawings.)"
Having masterfully re-created the major characters and events of Arthurian romance in King Arthur (1986) and Merlin (1987), Goodrich brings her scholarly skills, her prodigious knowledge of sixth-century Britain, and her impassioned style to vindicate Guinevere and rescue her from the obscurities of time. Read full book review >