Books by Olga Andreyev Carlisle

FAR FROM RUSSIA by Olga Andreyev Carlisle
Released: March 1, 2000

"Many readers will hope for a sequel."
The Russian-French-American painter and writer (Voices in the Snow, not reviewed, etc.) sketches her life and extensive acquaintances from 1935 to 1975. Read full book review >
THE IDEALISTS by Henry Carlisle
Released: Feb. 24, 1999

"Well-intentioned and well-written, but without the dramatic sweep and tension that would make this horrendous and tragic tale truly memorable."
An intelligent retelling of one of Russia's missed chances—to install a socialist rather than a communist government to succeed the Tsar in 1918—from a veteran writing duo. Read full book review >
Released: March 30, 1993

"Ill-organized, self-absorbed, self-congratulatory—and a lot less newsy than might justifiably have been expected from someone as intimately connected and knowledgeable."
Carlisle (Island in Time, 1980, etc.), granddaughter of dramatist Leonid Andreyev and the child of Russian ÇmigrÇs, played a part during the Sixties in having Solzhenitsyn's The First Circle and then The Gulag Archipelago see light in the West. Read full book review >