Books by Olga Dugina

Released: Oct. 15, 1993

Two Russian painters showcase their superb technical skills with a set of polished scenes in the style of the early Northern Renaissance, featuring static, richly dressed figures, compressed perspectives, tiny floral and architectural details rendered with dazzling clarity, and a host of cryptic symbols, artist's monograms, and amusingly grotesque little creatures—all bathed in creamy golden light. The story, a traditional one about a poor lad who, with the help of the dragon's wife, fetches three dragon feathers to win the innkeeper's daughter, is similar to the Grimms' The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs as retold by Nonny Hogrogian (1983) and to several other German folktales; the art overwhelms it. (Folklore/Picture book. 9+) Read full book review >
THE FINE ROUND CAKE by Arnica Esterl
adapted by Arnica Esterl, translated by Pauline Hejl, illustrated by Andrej Dugin, Olga Dugina
Released: Sept. 30, 1991

A Joseph Jacobs perennial favorite (``Johnny-Cake'') is translated into German and then back into English with no discernible gain and considerable loss of flavor. It's illustrated by two Russians (their first book) whose studied, traditional style may be elegant and skillful but is simply not appropriate to this earthy, comical nursery tale. Why, in a season when there are too many picture books even to consider, much less buy, must we be burdened with items like this oversized, pretentious mismatch? (Folklore/Picture book. 3-8) Read full book review >