Books by Olivier Dussutour

Released: Dec. 1, 2009

This attractive volume, produced in a nicely squared-off (10" X 10") size, beckons readers within with the bright oranges and warm red tones of Fernand Léger's Still Life, ABC (1927). Children will enjoy this rambunctious hide-and-seek ramble through paintings representing a variety of styles and periods in Western art. In a succession of 26 two-page spreads, readers are encouraged to search each letter in turn within the images on the facing page. (The "answers" are cleverly presented in the back of the book, where the images are reproduced in grey tones while the sought-for letter is highlighted in red. Basic information about each work of art and the artist also appears here.) While some of the picture puzzles are easier than others to decode, by book's end children will have become practiced in looking at and thinking about a wide variety of images. Developed and kid-tested by two Parisian primary-school teachers, this is a handsome, engaging way to develop an appreciation and familiarity with fine art through playful interaction. (Picture book. 4-8) Read full book review >