Books by Owen Davies

Released: June 12, 1997

"It would be nice if everything worked out as the authors hope; but the prudent traveler into the future will be prepared to abandon his luggage more than once on the way to the year 2020. (Author tour)"
Here's the latest effort by two science writers who've made a career of forecasting the future of science and technology. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 22, 1991

"Backed by only cursory analysis and little documentation, Cetron and Davies's guesses—sometimes thrilling, sometimes chilling—are, in the end, only as good as anyone's."
Not wholly convincing predictions of how the globe will coalesce into the ``New World Order,'' in which nations will ``cede sovereignty for the global good,'' resulting in interlocked trade for North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim, and likely starvation for those Third World nations with nothing left to sell. Read full book review >