Books by Palmer Brown

HICKORY by Palmer Brown
by Palmer Brown, illustrated by Palmer Brown
Released: Sept. 6, 1978

"The wistfulness that's Palmer Brown's—with a twist, here, of E. B. White—and some characteristically winsome details (like the pickle jar that serves as Hickory's sun parlor) give this a quiet appeal however less than memorable it may be. (Fantasy. 6-9)"
Palmer Brown's first book in 20 years looks and sounds—and sometimes resounds—like Cheerful (1957), though the situation and its development are less inspired (remember churchmouse Cheerful singing "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John") and the illustrations accompany rather than balance the text—which in any case has less intriguing pictorial possibilities. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 1954

In a setting that could be the South, Florida or Georgia maybe, here is a fantasy that shimmers like its own sunny surroundings. It has to do with a thoroughly nice little girl, Anna Lavinia, who is sent by her mother on a visit to her Aunt Sophia Maria. On her way Anna Lavinia, accompanied by her cat and a large supply of pawpaw jelly she keeps giving away, meets an assortment of people- train passengers, a pasha in the desert, and finally her aunt who lives in a mirage. It is there that Anna Lavinia is reunited with her long lost father, and together they find the key that unlocks the door to the gold he seeks and return home joyously. Unhackneyed, this is as colorful as it sounds and much glitters besides the gold. Read full book review >