Books by Pamela M. Smith

Released: Feb. 6, 1936

Hormones often upset the body's equilibrium, and Smith is here to bring back the balance. Smith has studied hormones for years, and her latest release is an encouraging summation of all her research. Her advice on how to contend with the maladies associated with hormonal change is square with the latest in medical understanding of hormonal activity (our old friends estrogen, progesterone, FSH, LH, thyroxin, etc.), and it's all hopeful and elevating. She's not a fan of hormone replacement therapy or supplements, preferring to address a woman's new hormonal configuration with a combination of diet and psychological well-being. Her nutritional suggestions are of particular note: how to counter the stresses of menopause with specific dietary additions, including natural and fresh foods, fiber, calcium, water and how to turn down the hot-flash thermostat with phytoestrogens, a wide range of edibles including legumes, seeds, grains, garlic, fruits, vegetables and herbs. She also includes helpful tips for men about how to tender the right moves at the right time, ones that will make both parties happy. Read full book review >