Books by Patricia Beatty

WHO COMES WITH CANNONS? by Patricia Beatty
Released: Oct. 19, 1992

In a fine Civil War story from a dependable and prolific historical novelist, Truth—only 16, and a girl—rescues her Quaker cousin from a Union prison. After her mother's death, Truth has moved from Indiana to North Carolina, where she is involved in her relatives' work with the Underground Railroad. After her cousins are forced into the Confederate Army, Todd is wounded, brought home, and hidden in a cave, while Robert is captured and sent to Elmira, New York; because of her northern accent, Truth goes with Uncle Matthew to try to free him. Uncle Matthew is attacked by a New York City mob; former slave Squire (whom they helped earlier) helps them get the assistance of Frederick Douglass and Mary Todd Lincoln, who secures a note from the President ordering Robert's release. The late Beatty— dramatizing the Quakers' courage in opposing slavery, staying out of the war, and enduring harassment while their men and property were conscripted by armies on both—gives a new perspective on what it meant to be an active, dissenting minority amid the strong feelings on both sides of this bitter conflict. Explanatory note. (Fiction. 10+) Read full book review >
JAYHAWKER by Patricia Beatty
Released: Oct. 18, 1991

From the late author of many fine historicals, an authentic picture of a boy caught in the turmoil of the Civil War— abolitionist Lije Tulley, 13, already experienced in the bitter strife between Missouri and Kansas, is sent to Missouri to spy on Quantrill's raiders. Strong adherents of the fanatical John Brown, the Tulleys are among the ``Jayhawkers'' who rescue slaves from Missouri before the war. Lije sees his Pa killed during a raid; later, in retaliation, the family's house is burned by Missouri ``Bushwackers.'' Hoping to avenge these wrongs and help the Union, Lije agrees in 1861 to pose as a Bushwacker supporter. During two years on a Missouri farm, he meets raiders Frank and Jesse James and Jim (later ``Wild Bill'') Hickok as well as Quantrill, fearfully participating in their activities but successfully evading hurting anyone on his true side. When Jesse catches Lije passing information, Hickok surprises Lije by helping to convince Jesse that it's just a love note. Unable to evade the sharp-eyed, suspicious Jesse, Lije is forced to join the terrible raid on Lawrence, Kansas, where he is wounded but manages to escape to his family. The characters here take second place to the excitement of skillfully reconstructed historical events; ``Bloody Kansas'' emerges in a story richly endowed with real events and people (carefully differentiated from the fictional characters in a lengthy author's note). A gripping story; an excellent supplement to texts or histories of the period. (Fiction. 10+) Read full book review >