Books by Patrick Walters

Released: Aug. 1, 1997

Einstein's theory of general relativity has had, as the authors of this layperson's guide to the theory note in something of an understatement, ``a profound impact on our modern view of the universe.'' Hey (Electronics/Univ. of Southampton, England) and Walters (Adult Continuing Education/Univ. of Wales, Swansea) go on to offer an admirably lucid, nontechnical, and impressively argued explanation of both what the theory means and how, since Einstein first formulated it, experiments have repeatedly proven him correct. They also trace its applications in the practice of science (including everything from the invention of the atomic bomb to less warlike uses, such as satellite navigation systems), and include a chapter on the way in which the theory of relativity has influenced modern science fiction. Handsomely illustrated, written with such sterling clarity that any reader can grasp the arguments, and thorough in its coverage, Einstein's Mirror is a model of science writing for a lay audience. (94 color plates, 156 halftones, 54 line diagrams, not seen) Read full book review >