Books by Paul Erdman

THE SET-UP by Paul Erdman
Released: April 21, 1997

"Capital entertainment for Erdman's many fans, who will not be at all surprised by the fierce loathing for all things Swiss that suffuses the always absorbing story."
Still in fine form, old pro Erdman (Zero Coupon, 1993; the nonfiction Tug of War, 1996; etc.) produces another larky fiscal thriller in which the former head of the US Federal Reserve Board finds himself in trouble and on the run. Read full book review >
TUG OF WAR by Paul Erdman
Released: Sept. 30, 1996

"An accessible interpretive briefing on currency exchange rates and why they matter to a host of constituencies ranging from policy makers to consumers."
Though best known in recent years as the author of fiscal entertainments (Zero Coupon, 1993, etc.), the Canadian-born Erdman is a bona fide economist and former Swiss banker. Read full book review >
ZERO COUPON by Paul Erdman
Released: Oct. 1, 1993

"A capital rogues-to-riches entertainment—with precious little sex or violence but a wealth of inside information on fiscal chicanery."
Erdman (The Swiss Account, The Palace, etc.) makes a welcome return to form with a blue-chip tale of high finance and low cunning in the post-Milken era. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 1, 1992

"Historic implausibilities apart, Erdman appears more interested in bringing the Swiss establishment to book on the score of its wartime profiteering than in keeping the narrative pot boiling. He succeeds all too well."
A didactically poor excuse for a thriller from a best-selling author (The Palace; The Panic of '89, etc.) who once set the standard for fiscal entertainments. Read full book review >