Books by Paul Kemprecos

THE NAVIGATOR by Clive Cussler
Released: June 5, 2007

"A small—very small—step up from Saturday morning adventure cartoons."
A super-evil, swarthy zillionaire locks horns with the super-good, fabulously resourceful Kurt Austin (Polar Shift, 2005, etc.) of the National Underwater and Maritime Agency (NUMA). Read full book review >
POLAR SHIFT by Clive Cussler
Released: Aug. 30, 2005

"Glacial pace, paper-thin characters, slap-dash prose and a probable warm welcome from a large and loyal audience."
When the earth's poles are apart, everyone's comfy. Shift them a bit, you get headaches. Shift them a lot, you're in for cataclysm. Read full book review >
WHITE DEATH by Clive Cussler
Released: July 1, 2003

"Zestful heroics. Should rise to the top like one of Cussler's real-life lost ships."
Fourth in the new, co-authored, Kurt Austin series (Fire Ice, 2002, etc.), which has been received with restrained jubilance. Read full book review >
FIRE ICE by Clive Cussler
Released: June 3, 2002

"Fans may miss Dirk Pitt, but the story goes down like a chilled Stolichnaya martini."
Following trade paperback originals Serpent (1999) and Blue Gold (2001), this third dual-authored novel "from the NUMA Files" leaps to hardcover status. Read full book review >
BLUEFIN BLUES by Paul Kemprecos
Released: Nov. 13, 1997

"The tidy, predictable ending to Soc's sixth (The Mayflower Murder, 1996, etc.) only confirms the general sense that the Yakuza are a lot more menacing—a lot more interesting, even—on their home turf."
Time was when bluefin tuna sold for only a dollar or two a pound. Read full book review >
Released: June 10, 1996

"Many readers, of course, will find that enough."
A fifth adventure featuring Aristotle ``Soc'' Socarides, Cape Cod p.i., fisherman, diver, and general knockabout (Feeding Frenzy, 1993, etc.), is that common entertainment-fiction combination of the lethal and fairly harmless. Read full book review >
FEEDING FRENZY by Paul Kemprecos
Released: Oct. 1, 1993

"Derivative (Parker's stuff; Benchley's Jaws) but easygoing and likable."
One of Cape Cod's beaches has a serious litter problem: bodies keep washing up on the sand, shredded and gnawed to the bone. Read full book review >
DEATH IN DEEP WATER by Paul Kemprecos
Released: July 14, 1992

"The relaxed, low-key narration is its best asset, making for an easy read."
Amiable if overlong hardcover introduction to Aristotle ``Soc'' Socarides, a Cape Cod fisherman/sleuth of Greek heritage. Read full book review >