Books by Paula McArdle

Released: Oct. 8, 2007

Brave and brainy, trusty and true, Molly Whuppie is not about to let anyone stop her—not even a giant who is ready for a meal. Young Molly has a knack for tricking giants, and her home of Hoot Owl Holler is also filled with ogres, wise people, fools, mysterious rocks, magic fiddles and intelligent farm animals, so naturally, there are lots of adventures to be had, and Molly is ready for them all (with some help and hindrance from her beloved family). Based on traditional Appalachian and British fairy tales, this collection features retellings with the indomitable Molly, a mix of Pippi Longstocking and Jack the Giant Killer, as the main character, as well as Appalachian versions of other stories that readers will find familiar. Storyteller Shelby uses warmth, folksy humor and unexpected turns of phrase to bring this plucky heroine to life, and McArdle's childlike, black-and-white illustrations provide an additional comic touch. A nice choice for intermediate and reluctant readers. Includes a note on the origins of the tales. (Folktales. 8-12)Read full book review >