Books by Penelope Evans

FIRST FRUITS by Penelope Evans
Released: July 1, 2000

"A wonderfully creepy dose for people who look back on their childhood with uncritical nostalgia."
The hothouse world—rife with endless conflicts, envy, one-upmanship, and hidden secrets—of an Edinburgh teenager's monstrous minutiae. Read full book review >
FREEZING by Penelope Evans
Released: July 1, 1998

"Maybe, but meanwhile Evans uses every word of her novel to immerse its mousy hero more deeply into his death-in-life."
A lonely morgue photographer's fixation on a late client unleashes madness and violence. Read full book review >
THE LAST GIRL by Penelope Evans
Released: Jan. 17, 1996

"Ruth Rendell can retire secure in knowing she's passed the torch."
A British first novel that opens a claustrophobically creepy window into the mind of a madman as plausible as John Fowles's Collector. Read full book review >