Books by Penina Keen Spinka

DREAM WEAVER by Penina Keen Spinka
Released: Jan. 1, 2003

"Still waiting for Spinka's voice to grow up."
A reverse retelling of the epic that signaled Spinka's attempt to leap from YA to adult fiction (Picture Maker, 2001). Read full book review >
PICTURE MAKER by Penina Keen Spinka
Released: Jan. 1, 2001

"A longish, lightish adventure set in a world forgotten by most history books."
Children's author Spinka (Mother's Blessing, 1992, etc.) makes a leap to adult fiction with a 14th-century tale of a young Mohawk girl who samples a variety of North American cultures. Read full book review >
MOTHER'S BLESSING by Penina Keen Spinka
Released: April 30, 1992

In the tenth century, Old Man prophesies the birth of a great ``wot'' (leader) to Swordfish and Pretty One. But the baby is a girl: Old Man is exiled for his falsehoods, and Swordfish abandons Pretty One and her daughter. But ``Child'' is extraordinarily bright and capable; as an adolescent, she travels east from what is now California on a spirit quest, discovering the prophecy and its truth. Returning home with corn that grows in spite of drought, she takes her place as ``pacwot''—unifier and leader of three feuding villages, ensuring the survival of all. Presented as a prequel to Spinka's first book (White Hare's Horses, 1991, also about the Chumash lands and people), this further establishes the author's skill as a fluent storyteller who is well versed in North American legend. Readers may be mildly distanced from the heroine, whose struggles are minor given her idealized intellect and nobility; however, Spinka's search for the human incarnations of mythical figures and her creative realizations of archetypal events are entirely captivating. (Fiction. 10-14) Read full book review >