Books by Perry Lafferty

Released: April 28, 1992

"A mild dose of suspense and mystery with no killings and no loss of marital chastity—even more innocuous than prime-time TV."
While his wife is away presiding over the birth of their first grandchild, Jack Jablonski, retired since Jablonski of L.A. (1991) from the FBI into private practice, juggles two cases—trying to figure out which deranged fan of hot newscaster Mikki O'Reilly disfigured and blinded her in an acid attack, and also seeing whether he can persuade high-school teacher Mary Montgomery to get away from her abusive husband before he kills her (an unofficial case that Jablonski will break with the help of neighboring psychic Marla May Willowbrook)—while fending off the pipe-dream advances of Sgt. Read full book review >
JABLONSKI OF L.A. by Perry Lafferty
Released: June 17, 1991

"Pretty routine stuff, overall, with most of the limited interest coming from the knowledgeable aviation talk throughout (pilot-author Lafferty has also written an aviation thriller, The Downing of Flight Six-Heavy—not reviewed)."
Jackson Jablonski is an old-fashioned, overweight ex-FBI guy who is decidedly out of place in hip Venice, California, where he and his wife have come to sell her dead brother's beach house. Read full book review >