Books by Pete Marlowe

Released: Oct. 1, 2000

The author of Trailer Park Princesses (not reviewed) puts another magical spin on the everyday. Katelyn has promised to bring her parents breakfast in bed, but when she puts her head back down on the pillow for just a minute more, she suddenly finds herself in a wondrous new place. In Bell's intensely hued digital art, a seemingly ordinary hallway gives way to an elaborate, Arabian Nights-style palace crowded with richly dressed courtiers. The teapot turns out to be a magic lamp, held by an evil Grand Vizier who has designs on his kingdom's "greatest treasure." Katelyn emerges from the pot and at the Vizier's bidding, tries not to turn them all into stone. When he greedily opens the great treasure chest, though, only Katelyn is inside. Cleverly tricking him into climbing in himself, she slams the lid shut, then flies the teapot home around the world—the long way, of course—picking up the tea on the way. Although there are some awkward shifts here and there, this capable youngster is a real crowd-pleaser, with an imagination as vivid as her green eyes. Readers will happily come along for the ride. (Picture book. 6-8)Read full book review >