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Peter Abrahams is the author of eleven previous novels, including Last of the Dixie Heroes, Crying Wolf, A Prefect Crime, The Fan, and Lights Out, which was nominated for an Edgar Award for best novel. He lives on Cape Cod with his wife and four children.

GIVING TO THE POOR by Peter Abrahams
Released: May 16, 2013

"Still, a fast-paced ride that should appeal to both boys and girls. (Thriller. 10-14)"
Robbie Forester, aided by her magic charm and multicultural band of do-gooders, Tut-Tut, Ashanti and Silas, again battles evil developer Sheldon Gunn and his nefarious underlings (Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street, 2012). Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 19, 2012

"Still, what with Occupy Wall Street and the public's fury at an economic system gone awry, it's an apt idea for its moment. (Thriller. 10-14)"
A girl obtains a magical charm that she and her newfound friends use to fight injustice in the form of a corrupt real-estate tycoon and his unscrupulous and violent cohorts. Read full book review >
REALITY CHECK by Peter Abrahams
Released: May 1, 2009

"The climax is unexpected and not enormously credible, but it doesn't matter, because by that point readers will be frantically turning pages and fully invested in Abrahams's message of true love conquering all obstacles. (Mystery. 12 & up)"
After his adored ex-girlfriend Clea disappears from her ritzy Vermont boarding school, Cody—a working-class boy who, after a devastating knee injury, went from high-school football star to high-school dropout—travels to Vermont to find her, and becomes embroiled in a dangerous mystery. Read full book review >
UP ALL NIGHT by Peter Abrahams
Released: May 1, 2008

"This collection will keep teens reading long into the deep, dark night. (Fiction. 13-18)"
Can a person's life change in the course of a night? Read full book review >
INTO THE DARK by Peter Abrahams
Released: April 1, 2008

"There's some excitement and enjoyment with the mystery and the growing bond between Ingrid and crush Joey, but this installment seems tired, especially compared with Down the Rabbit Hole (2005), the first and best in the series. (Fiction. 10-13)"
In the third title in the Echo Falls Mystery series, intrepid 13-year-old sleuth Ingrid Levin-Hill grapples with not only a mystery but a family crisis: Her beloved Grampy is accused of murdering the local conservation agent, and there's strong circumstantial evidence against him. Read full book review >
DELUSION by Peter Abrahams
Released: April 1, 2008

"The real prize here is DuPree, a brutish innocent who imagines himself as Job and feverishly plans a memoir called Only a Test. Abrahams succeeds in making this deeply wronged man dangerous, pitiable and scary."
The apparent exoneration of a wrongfully convicted killer long after the fact plays havoc with the people who did the convicting—and with the convict as well. Read full book review >
666 by Peter Abrahams
Released: Sept. 1, 2007

"Turn out the lights, gather everyone around the fire and read out loud. (Fiction. 12 )"
This anthology of short stories includes first-rate tales of terror, dread and foreboding by a variety of celebrated authors. Read full book review >
BEHIND THE CURTAIN by Peter Abrahams
Released: May 1, 2006

"In a literature notoriously light on solid mysteries, Abrahams's second outing for kids stands out as a deliciously plotted, highly satisfying adventure. (Fiction. 10-14)"
All is not well in Echo Falls: Thirteen-year-old amateur sleuth Ingrid Levin-Hill seems to be surrounded by people with secrets. Read full book review >
END OF STORY by Peter Abrahams
Released: April 1, 2006

"Truly clever writing about a clever writer turned true detective."
Hip, crisp dialogue and swift prose rife with apt, unflashy literary allusions; a credibly brilliant and likable heroine; an effectively chilling behind-bars mise en scène; and a firecracker plot all add up to a very cool, smart thriller. Read full book review >
OBLIVION by Peter Abrahams
Released: April 12, 2005

"Abrahams (Their Wildest Dreams, 2003, etc.) creates palpable empathy for the bruised Nick, and his pitch-perfect prose is a joy."
After losing his memory, high-profile investigator Nick Petrov returns recklessly to the dangerous case he was working on. Read full book review >
Released: April 12, 2005

"Harrowingly absorbing. (Fiction. YA)"
Impatient with mother for being late for her ride to soccer, Ingrid Levin-Hill, eighth-grade Sherlock Holmes fan and amateur actress, makes an impulsive decision to walk, inadvertently becoming a witness in the murder case of Cracked-up Katie, the weird lady in the rundown house on the wrong side of town. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 2003

"Surprise is a key ingredient for Abrahams (The Tutor, 2002, etc.). This time out, his believably flawed, engaging characters—and their unpredictable journeys—keep the pages turning."
Character-driven thriller, Arizona-set, follows restless souls as they skid into criminality and danger. Read full book review >
THE TUTOR by Peter Abrahams
Released: July 1, 2002

"The familiar laced with lingering irony."
An insidious tutor affects the lives of a dysfunctional family, in this sharply written psychological suspense. Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 2001

"The writing? Charm to spare, a splendid departure for Abrahams, though bloodlusting fans may howl."
Abrahams's tenth suspenser, Crying Wolf (2000), had a drop-off in body count but featured a nostalgic windup phonograph, wonderful Caruso, and old brandy. This time, he takes a welcome dive into southern history Read full book review >
A PERFECT CRIME by Peter Abrahams
Released: Sept. 19, 1998

"One other surefire prediction: With Hard Rain (1)987 and The Fan (1995) already turned into Hollywood movies, this property, suitably pruned and tightened, can't be far behind. (First printing of 100,000)"
A simple case of adultery leads to more fatalities than the Gulf War in Abrahams's tense, formulaic domestic thriller. Read full book review >
Released: June 28, 1991

"Kirkpatrick and Abrahams tell their story with cinematic precision (film rights have already been sold), using the lush, exotic landscape as the perfect background for their suspenseful, moonlit tale. (Sixteen pages of b&w photographs—not seen.)"
From journalist Kirkpatrick (A Cast of Killers, 1986) and novelist Abrahams (Pressure Drop, 1989, etc.) comes a crisply narrated story of how an American college professor took on one of the world's biggest drug-smugglers in a scenic Bahamian resort. Read full book review >