Books by Peter Berresford Ellis

Released: Sept. 1, 2001

"Worthwhile, if not precisely inspired."
Apparently frustrated by the lingering impression that the ancient Celts were nothing more than barbaric losers of an endless stream of battles with the Roman legions, Ellis attempts to rewrite a thousand years of history (through a.d. 51) from their point of view. Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 2001

"Gripping historical turmoil gives way to the nitpicking milieu of formal heraldry, which may well make non-Irish eyes glaze over."
Historian Ellis (The Celtic Empire, 2001, etc.) examines Europe's oldest traceable aristocracy, from the ancient Gaelic tribal kings of Ireland down to their present-day descendants, claimants to the titular chiefships of some 18 surname-based clans (each individually profiled). Read full book review >
CELT AND ROMAN by Peter Berresford Ellis
Released: Sept. 21, 1998

"Writing from a deep knowledge of Celtic culture, Ellis vividly evokes the clash between two proud societies. (8 pages b&w illustrations, maps, not seen)"
Novelist and historian Ellis (7he Rising of the Moon, 1987; The History of the Irish Working Class, 1973) offers a limpidly penned account of the racially tense, culturally fruitful relationship between the Romans and the Celts of Italy during the growth of the Roman Republic (390—191 b.c.). Read full book review >