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Peter Bowen, a Montanan, writes of the West. Cowboy, hunting and fishing guide, folksinger, poet, essayist, and novelist, he's written the picaresque Yellowstone Kelly historical novels, humor columns and essays on blood sport as Coyote Jack, and the Gabr

NAILS by Peter Bowen
Released: Feb. 6, 2006

"Not a mystery in the classic mold, but this 13th case gives Gabriel and all his quirky pals (Stewball, 2005, etc.) such a delightful workout that you may consider moving to Toussaint just to be near them."
A van full of fundamentalist Christians brings trouble to Toussaint, Mont. Read full book review >
STEWBALL by Peter Bowen
Released: April 18, 2005

"The plot gets lost somewhere between Montana and South Dakota—routine for plot-impaired Bowen (Badlands, 2003, etc.)—but there's real pleasure watching the sassy women outsmart all the men, all the time."
The FBI, the ATF and the fundamentalist Patrick Henry Patriots lock horns in cowboy country. Read full book review >
BADLANDS by Peter Bowen
Released: May 5, 2003

"Atmospheric stuff, but definitely not for fans of linear plotting."
A tenth excursion to Toussaint, Montana (Ash Child, 2002, etc.), shows cattle ranchers barely scraping by and part-time sleuth and fiddler and full-time drinker Gabriel Du Pré still flummoxed by Pallas, his precocious granddaughter. Read full book review >
ASH CHILD by Peter Bowen
Released: April 15, 2002

"Bowen fans are doubtless inured by now to plots that go up in smoke."
"Cowboys," a Montana woman says early in Gabriel Du Pré's ninth adventure (Cruzatte and Maria, 2001, etc.), "have the smarts of anvils." Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 2001

"Bowen's 11th distaff western delivers a lingering sadness for a fascinating era that, for all its monstrous cruelties, ended much too soon."
The fourth in the madcap, picaresque series about Wild West rapscallion Luther "Yellowstone" Kelly has the wily scout ricocheting among rival paleontologists, a homicidal Indian, and an amorous tough-gal artist. Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 2001

"Colorful characters, amusing dialogue, but a plot as thin as a tenderfoot's welcome in Montana high country."
If his daughter Maria hadn't fallen for a documentary filmmaker, Gabriel Du Pré might never have earned his five minutes of fame. Read full book review >
THE STICK GAME by Peter Bowen
Released: April 1, 2000

Laconic Gabriel Du Pr‚, a native Montanan who drinks when he drives, rolls his own, and talks back to his gal-pal Madelaine (but only in his mind), wonders why so many kids on the reservation are born with birth defects or suddenly turn bad—genetics or ecological crises? Read full book review >
LONG SON by Peter Bowen
Released: April 7, 1999

"Tiresome stuff everywhere but in the Toussaint Saloon when the music plays."
In his sixth outing, Gabriel Du PrÇ of Toussaint, Montana—MÇtis Indian; grandfather of many; part-time county inspector; fiddler supreme (Thunder Poise, 1998, etc.)—is as puzzled as Sheriff Benny Klein, FBI man Harvey Wallace, and others when vicious Larry Messmer is brutally shot to death. Read full book review >
THUNDER HORSE by Peter Bowen
Released: April 9, 1998

"Determinedly oblique goings-on—of interest, perhaps, to students of ancient cultures and the American West—but meager fare for puzzle lovers."
A fifth adventure for Gabriel Du PrÇ—Montana's MÇtis Indian fiddler and cattle-brand inspector (Notches, 1997, etc.). Read full book review >
NOTCHES by Peter Bowen
Released: Feb. 9, 1997

"The local color is fairly garish, but Bowen writes a provocative, involving adventure."
Gabriel Du PrÇ, natural man of Montana, a member of the far- ranging Metis Indian tribe and a gifted fiddler, is sorely aggrieved that killers are making the trailways unsafe for women and children. Read full book review >
WOLF, NO WOLF by Peter Bowen
Released: March 11, 1996

"But his unapologetically up-the-establishment point of view and Bowen's offspeed prose make him one of the most striking new regional detectives."
When a couple of rabid environmentalists start cutting barbed-wire fences and shooting cattle in an attempt to chase ranchers off their generations-old Montana spreads, fiddler/deputy Gabriel Du PrÇ predicts that they'll be the next shooting victims. Read full book review >
SPECIMEN SONG by Peter Bowen
Released: April 20, 1995

"Du PrÇ's demotic patois, which skims endearingly over city complexities, ends up reducing the victims, the motive, and the killer to a joke that's a cut below his debut in Coyote Wind (1994)."
Back from a stint playing the fiddle and brushing with murder at a folk festival in the wilds of the nation's capital, sometime investigator Gabriel Du PrÇ reluctantly agrees to accompany festival director Paul Chase on a trip into the scarcely less wild reaches of Montana in search of some new old music. Read full book review >
COYOTE WIND by Peter Bowen
Released: July 20, 1994

"Still, there is enough mystery here, spiced up with history of the Metis people, to hold attention."
Bowen (Imperial Kelly, 1992, etc.), who as ``Coyote Jack'' writes a column about the contemporary West and who also has written a series of novels about Yellowstone Kelly set in the Old West, here introduces readers to Gabriel Du PrÇ. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 1992

"Kelly's ribald adventures can usually wear down the resistance of even the most cynical reader as history is revised with a vengeance."
Charming, wily Luther Kelly (Kelly Blue, 1991, etc.) follows orders from a blackmailing Theodore Roosevelt—orders that will take him around the world via Cuba, South Africa, and the Philippines. Read full book review >
KELLY BLUE by Peter Bowen
Released: May 1, 1991

"Very, very funny, and because the Indians are people who make jokes and war rather than saints who make epic movies, their fate is genuinely bitter."
The amusing adventures of Luther ``Yellowstone'' Kelly continue (Yellowstone Kelly-not reviewed), bringing him a Native American marriage and pitting him against a Native American church. Read full book review >