Books by Peter Clement

Peter Clement, M.D., is a physician who headed an emergency room at a major metropolitan hospital and now maintains a private practice. He is also the author of Lethal Practice, Death Rounds, and The Procedure. He is married to a physician and has two son

THE INQUISITOR by Peter Clement
Released: Dec. 28, 2004

"Smashing ER scenes, code blues, and a masked staff in orange space suits underpin a page-turner plotted for heart. Well done, nearing Tess Garritsen's bone-chillers."
From former ER physician and novelist Clement, who moved into hardcover with 2001's Mutant, a gripping but shallow thriller about mutant genes in the food chain, now does his best work yet, building solid characters and the biggest US epidemic since the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918. Read full book review >
MUTANT by Peter Clement
Released: July 1, 2001

"Pretty shallow, despite all the gene talk, but Clement's grim depiction of horrific medical consequences will have readers looking askance at their breakfast cereal."
Former ER doctor Clement, author of paperback medical thrillers, moves into hardcover without straying from his habitual turf of plagues and viruses. Read full book review >